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Own your weakness, wear your poison.

Why are you here?

What's your purpose?

Figure it out in style.

Wear WKE Studios.


Dive into the mystique of the desert with our latest collection, MyPoison. This unique ensemble is crafted for those who embrace their vulnerabilities and turn them into their most distinctive strengths. "Own your weakness, wear your poison" isn't just a tagline—it's a mantra for the bold.

Wear your poison

Our new collection takes inspiration from the vast, untouched deserts, mirroring their expansive tranquility and rugged allure. The MyPoison lineup features baggy, effortlessly chic garments in a palette of neutral, earthy tones that convey both comfort and mystery. Each piece is designed to be as enduring as the landscapes that inspired them, made with heavy, luxurious fabrics that wrap you in warmth and style.

Your antidote

MyPoison isn’t just about clothing; it's about making a statement. These pieces invite you to explore the deeper shades of your personality in flowing silhouettes and robust textures that move with you. Whether you're braving the city winds or escaping to your next adventure, our garments are designed to carry your individuality.


Step into the season with confidence and allure. Explore our newest arrivals and find the piece that resonates with your spirit. From dusky tunics to sandy overcoats, each item promises not just a look but a journey.

Shop MyPoison today and transform your wardrobe into a testament of personal strength and unmatched style. Explore the collection now and start wearing your weakness as your most compelling accessory.

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